First-Person Science of Consciousness

23rd – 25th May 2019 at Witten/Herdecke University


Thursday, May 23rd 2019

12:30FoyerOpening of Registration

Opening Welcome by the organizers
Prof. Ulrich Weger

PD Dr. Christian Tewes: Introduction into the conference theme

14:30AudimaxKeynote 1)
Prof. Shaun Gallagher, PhD (Memphis/USA):
Why there is no zero-point in the first-person: The phenomenological situation.
15:15E.109      Talk 1) N.N.
E.110Talk 2) Tuomas Leisti (Helsinki/Finland): What are we doing when introspecting judgment and decision-making? First-person perspective to preference formation
16:00FoyerCoffee Break
16:30E.109Talk 3) Dr. Fynn Mathis Trautwein & Ohad Nave (Haifa/Israel): Dancing the neurophenomenological dance: An investigation into the flexibility of minimal selfhood
E.110Talk 4) Dr. Prisca Bauer (Lyon/France): Neuronal and phenomenological correlates of mindfulness meditation and hypnosis
17:15AudimaxKeynote 2)
Prof. Russell Hurlburt, PhD (Las Vegas/USA):
Exploring pristine inner experience

Artistic Performance

Friday, May 24th 2019


E.109Talk 5) Dr. Terje Sparby (Witten/Germany): Micro-phenomenological Self-Interviews. Methodological Considerations and Applications in Meditation Research
E.110Talk 6) Dr. Sucharit Katyal (Lyon/France): How contemplative practices refine conscious experience?
09:45E.109Talk 7) Alexander Wendt (Magdeburg/Germany): Novel Empirical Approaches for Phenomenological Psychology
E.110Talk 8) Dr. Camilla Valenzuela-Moguillansky (Santiago/Chile): The study of experience: methods, challenges, limits and possibilities
10:30FoyerCoffee Break
11:00AudimaxKeynote 4)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmidt (Freiburg/Germany): Improving the reliability of the introspective approach - meditation expertise as research method
11:45E.109Talk 9) Philipp Schmidt (Vienna/Austria): Self and Sense of Self. Why the Feeling of Being Someone Cannot be a Hallucination
E.110Talk 10) Dr. Katsunori Miyahara (Wollongong/Australia): Developing a short-term phenomenological training program: A report of methodological lessons
13:30FoyerPoster Session

Keynote 5)
Prof. Dr. Johannes Wagemann
(Mannheim/Germany): Exploring mental microgestures in perceptual reversals - implications for the mind-brain-problem

15:15E.109Talk 11) Prof. Dr. Urban Kordes (Ljubljana/Slovenia): The horizons of becoming aware
E.110Talk 12) Dr. Takuya Niikawa (Paris/France): An experimental phenomenology on binocular rivalry
16:00FoyerCoffee Break
16:30E.109Talk 13) Uni.-Prof. Dr. habil. Patrizia Giampieri-Deutsch (Vienna/Austria): First-person« clinical approach and »first-person« empirical research methodologies in psychoanalysis
E.110Talk 14) Dr. Andrés Sánchez Guerrero (Münster/Germany): Classifying Adolescent Depression from Within: Varieties of Depressive Experience in Youths Exhibiting Different Levels of Psychic Structural Integration
17:15Perspectives & Impulses: Dr. Terje Sparby & Prof. Ulrich Weger

Saturday, May 25th 2019

09:00AudimaxKeynote 6)
Dr. Christopher Gutland (Guangzhou/China) Some peculiarities of the first person experience of thinking, or: how can Husserl's phenomenology be epistemology if there is a ‘veritable abyss' between consciousness and reality?
09:45E.109Talk 15) Ole Höffken (Bonn/Germany): Micro-phenomenology and Abduction
E.110Talk 16) Nicolas Endres (Berlin/Germany): Applying the scientific method directly to the mind – On the feasibility, necessary prerequisites and practical implementation of a first-person science
10:30FoyerCoffee Break
11:00E.109Talk 17) Dr. Rosa Michaelis (Witten/Germany): How does the exploration of consciousness and awareness serve people who experience seizures?
E.110Talk 18) Adriana Alcaraz (Glasgow/): Awake in dreamless sleep: The case of lucid dreamless sleep
11:45AudimaxKeynote 7)
Dr. Fergus Anderson (Stroud/UK): Describing the experience of conscious, occurrent thinking: A first and second-person approach